Meet The Owner

Kong Russel started his junk shop business from his backyard in 1991. From this humble beginning, he has built it up into one of the industry leaders in the region. Through sheer hard work and with the help of his equally resilient family, he now has three core branches that predominantly caters to industrial clients. His trademark easy-going manner and fair business methods also gave him the reputation of being the go-to guy of smaller junk shops looking for trustworthy partners.

Junk Shop Pampanga

Honest weighing and a big heart. That's us.

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Junk Shop Pampanga

What We Do

We specialize in trading, cutting, and welding quality and affordable metal such as tin, galvanized iron, and steel. We also recycle all kinds of junk and reusables like paper, metal, and plastic.

Junk Shop Pampanga

How We Do It

We focus on creating and maintaining long term relationships with clients and partners. No matter the state of the market is, we play fair and we take care of our own. We also make sure that our methods are eco-friendly.

What most people see as trash, we see as valuable material for building something new. For us, it’s not just junk, it’s a lifestyle.

Junk Shop Pampanga • (045) 323 5446