Our process begins by acquiring scrap materials such as:

  • Tin (Lata)
  • Galvanized Iron (Yero)
  • Steel (Bakal)
  • Other metals
  • Plastic

The bulk of these materials come from big corporate clients who practice zero waste management. But we also accommodate individual walk-ins and smaller junk shops looking for partners.


We compress tin and galvanized iron for reselling. Other metals and plastic are also sold to interested buyers. Steel is recycled either by delivering them to metal furnaces or through re-fabrication (also for reselling).


  1. How much are my scrap materials worth?

    Prices vary depending on the season and quantity. Please email us photos of your scrap materials for us to give you an estimate.

  2. Will you pick up our scrap materials?

    Yes, if you're within Pampanga or its nearby provinces. Send us your information and we'll get back to you soon.

  3. Do you participate in biddings?

    Yes. Tell us more about it.

  4. Do you sell surplus materials for construction?

    Yes. Visit our partner store 3RB Junk Shop located at 117 Porac Highway, Sta. Cruz, Porac, Pampanga.

  5. How will you pay us?

    We'll pay you in cash once your materials are released to us. • (045) 323 5446